Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not As Dangerous As Jumping Off The Empire State Building

Basically, "everyone's doing it," so why  not?  My mother hates that particular argument, but in instances which are not potentially lethal, I think it can have merit.  At least, in the instance of starting a blog, it has some merit.

As a college student, I have learned the importance of small things.  Besides the covert nod to a random quotation from one of my favorite comic strips, that's sort of what the title of this blog is about.  Because when you're a college kid, a dime is like, "oh my friggin' gosh, it's ten cents!!!!!!!!  I could maybe buy a stick of gum!!!!!"  (which is a bigger deal than one might think, because every time you want to chew a stick of gum all of your friends ask for one too).  Also the whole "10-cent lottery" thing is about how when you don't have much, you don't have much to lose, but you also don't have much with which to play the game.  And that's about as philosophical as I feel for the moment.

This blog is a place for me to get some of my opinions out of the stuffy confines of my computer hard drive and air them out on the internet.  It's unlikely that I'll write many navel-gazing posts, because venting my inner feelings to the blogosphere isn't really my game.  I might post a few poems though, so be prepared to be underwhelmed by that experience.

Well, here goes.  Look out below!

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