Monday, October 15, 2012

A Lady's Lament

I recently rediscovered this poem I wrote a couple years ago, about all the uncertainties in my life and the constant danger of being victimized by circumstances or other people.  I find that these questions never really go away.

When villains and court jesters
Steal a lady’s heart and mind
Can she trust there’s still Prince Charming
Or is he of the same kind?

When she’s locked inside the tower
Spinning webs in poetry
Is the first to crack her mirror
The right one to set her free?

When she holds the crown and scepter
Rules with wisdom and with grace
Will a Prince just cast her down
So he can steal her rightful place?

When they choke her will and spirit
And they promise her she’s wrong
Will she dare to just not listen
Hold her truths and still stay strong?

When she’s banished to hard labor
Hidden from the summer sun
Can she hold fast to her hoping
Until the fool’s feast is done?

When she’s walking free at last
And someone catches her eye
Is he villain, jester, prince
Or will his love still let her fly?

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